As GE14 draws near…or, why hold elections?

Closer scrutiny of Malaysian elections since the era of Najib Razak's father can sharpen the contrasts over winning—and losing—legitimacy.

A ‘Malay Malaysia’, but in what sense Islamic?

The Najib government needs to win new legitimacy at GE14 if it's to juggle Malay, Islamic, and royal claims, amid a restive East Malaysia.

Daulat – an afterword

Clive Kessler's concluding analysis of daulat, monarchy and constitutionalism in modern Malaysia.

Daulat – a quibble about words?

Daulat and kedaulatan each has its place, and each is to be honoured in its own place, and not to be inserted into that of the other.

Daulat – the ancient and the modern

Is there something more to the position of the traditional Malay ruler than his modern constitutional position?

Daulat, kedaulatan, sovereignty and constitutionalism

Clive Kessler presents his original analysis of daulat, kedaulatan, sovereignty and modern constitutionalism in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s “Devarajas”

Clive Kessler revisits the origins of 'daulat' and 'devaraja' and how Malaysia's 'new royalists" are re-imposing these concepts.

Reinventing “derhaka” in modern Malaysia

Malaysia's “new royalist” theorists reinvents "derhaka" in an attempt to rewrite the Malaysian constitution.