Some new year’s reading for Thailand’s new Foreign Minister.

New Bookabout Preah Vihear (Reinhard Hohler, Chiang Mai 27.12.2008)

According to the Khmer newspaper Kampuchea Thmey, a commentary book about the history of Preah Vihear from the time of its construction up to the present time, including the Thai invasion, will be published soon. The book was written by an academic working at the Royal Cambodian Academy.

Dr. Ros Chantrabot, the author of the book and vice-rector of the Royal Cambodian Academy, plans to publish the book titled “Prasat Preah Vihear” (Preah Vihear Temple), which is a book on the history of Preah Vihear from the time of its construction until the present time.

The book will be divided into three chapters. The first chapter will be about the history, the stone inscriptions and the architecture. Chapter Two will be about the court case at the International Court of Justice in The Hague (1962), which Cambodia won. The third chapter will be about the Preah Vihear temple in the world heritage list, including details about the Thai opposition of the listing. It also has details about the Thai invasion, starting on the 15th of July, 2008 onwards.

The publication of the book is delayed, because the author waits to see, if the present dispute with Thailand will be resolved accordingly.

The book will be handed over to the government (Council of Ministers) for checking before its publication, because until now there is no French historian, who has published any books on the history on Preah Vihear temple. There are only tourist guide books that have been published so far.

The book will be 300 pages thick and 5000 copies will published for the first edition.

Mr. Phay Siphan, Spokesman for the Council of Ministers, could not be contacted for comment, but Dr. Chantrabot said that the publication of the book does not need government’s permission, because it is the work of his own personal research.