Observant readers will have noted that one of the pictures in Nick Nostitz’s most recent report from Bangkok shows a “Special Edition” magazine for sale at Red protests (and elsewhere in Bangkok, or so I’m told — including at sky train stations and supermarkets).

A reader in Bangkok has sent the following scans from the magazine. It focuses on what is described, in big font, as the “Russian revolution, a movement to overthrow monarchy at the start of the 20th century”. For 85 baht you get a 100-page history lesson in how Lenin, and friends, felled the Romanov dynasty, including a discussion of “Civil war: The Red Army vs the White Army”.

It includes a picture of King Chulalongkorn’s entourage alongside the Russian royal family:

And a provocative diagram of feudal hierarchy:

The title of this New Mandala post is the first half of the V.I. Lenin quote that is highlighted on the cover of the magazine. It reads, in full, “History will not forgive us if we do not assume power now”. Thanks to the Bangkok-based reader for sending through these scans.