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Malaysia’s digital economy: can entrepreneurship be unleashed?  

Crony capitalism in Malaysia may become a drag on the country’s digital ambitions.


Najib’s fear campaign

The beleaguered Malaysian Prime Minister is clinging on to power, but at what cost?


‘We are surviving without a dream’

Kachin refugees marooned in Kuala Lumpur.


Malaysia, the Philippines and ASEAN

Are there still signs for optimism in ASEAN?

Indelible ink being applied to a voters finger after cast their vote during Malaysia General Election in Kuala Lumpur

Crossing the line

Redrawing electoral boundaries in Malaysia another attack to democracy.


Is working legally a win-win for refugees in Malaysia?

Is the new scheme a step in the right direction?


Bersih 5 and the increase of the Malay discontents

What does an increased Malay turnout in the recent demonstrations signify?


The east is red

Why Southeast Asia is now firmly in the grip of China.


Najib’s China legacy

Is Malaysia turning its back on the West?


Malaysia’s secular versus religious divide

Could mediation prevent the clash of civil and Sharia law?


The law of rule in Malaysia

1MDB and the limits of a legal principle.


Of flags on bums and castrated courts

The Budgie Nine outrage and the rule of law in Malaysia.


Dire straits for Malaysia’s world heritage

Why Melaka and George Town are at risk of becoming ghosts of their former selves.


A rise in anti-Chinese rhetoric

Politics, economics and religion are to blame, writes Hew Wai Weng.


Behind the rifts in modern Malaysia

Malaysians are rallying behind arrogance, antagonism and illiberalism.


Malaysia the fragile federation

Whether it is 53 or 59, an old debate shows why Sabah and Sarawak may not be celebrating independence.


Crisis and confidence in Najib’s Malaysia

Malaysia Update to examine what comes next for the Southeast Asian nation.


Out of Africa

What scandal soaked Malaysia could learn about power and accountability from South Africa and Mauritius.


‘Deep’ Malay cultural psychology

How modern Malaysia is huddling in the village against the 'dark forces' of the outside world.


Lamenting 1MDB

Optimism about Malaysia's latest financial scandal is as hard to find as answers.

epa04932727 Malaysia's pro-government 'red shirt' protestors clash with the police during a rally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 16 September 2015. Some 250 Malay NGOs pledged support for the rally, which they said was aimed at countering last month's Bersih protest, where tens of thousands hit the streets of Kuala Lumpur calling for institutional reform and the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak.  EPA/AHMAD YUSNI

Social cohesion and scandal cycles in Malaysia

Mahathir on the divisions tearing a country, the opposition and politics apart.


Graft games

How corruption fuels Southeast Asia's democratic deficit.


Double by-election win a boost for Najib

A snap election may be on the cards after healthy returns in West Malaysian state votes.


Mahathir and Malaysia’s money politics

In a country where cash is king, soon nothing will happen without bribery, alleges former PM.