Articles by Clive Kessler

As GE14 draws near…or, why hold elections?

Closer scrutiny of Malaysian elections since the era of Najib Razak's father can sharpen the contrasts over winning—and losing—legitimacy.

‘Deep’ Malay cultural psychology

How modern Malaysia is huddling in the village against the 'dark forces' of the outside world.

Photo: Iker Etxebarria Urkaregi on flickr

What is “Islamism”?

Clive Kessler charts the rise of political Islam and what it means today.

Berish 4 participants around KL's Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square). Photo: The Malaysian Insider.

Bersih 4.0: a win/win outcome?

Mass rallies over the weekend proved a moderate victory for both sides of Malaysian politics, argues Clive Kessler.

Remembering “Tok Guru”

Clive Kessler reflects on the qualities of Tok Guru and how they influenced his academic work

Southeast Asian Islam, gentle and ungentle

Clive Kessler's third and final article investigating the links between Islam, violence and Southeast Asia.

On “supersessionism”: Abrahamic faiths in history

Clive Kessler's second of three articles exploring the history of Islam, violence and Southeast Asia

A rage against history

In response to recent developments, Clive Kessler - in three articles - explores the history and relationship of Islam, violence and Southeast Asia.

WaAllahu’alam …, Kassim Ahmad

Only Allah knows why those who seek the "Truth" in Islam often have ominous ends.

Kassim Ahmad and the ulama

Muslims do not need the ulama?

Kassim Ahmad – The long agony of Malaysia’s Al-Hallaj

Kassim Ahmad - a genuine intellectual.

The dhimmi and an old new “rationale”

If a principled legalism has no strong roots in the sentiments of the nation’s people, on what basis can it be secure?