Articles by Ross Tapsell

Alternative Visions for Malaysia requires combating political clientelism

Ross Tapsell reviews a new book on Malaysian politics ahead of the ANU Malaysia Update 2020 “Alternative Visions for Malaysia”.

The polarisation paradox in Indonesia’s 2019 elections

Social media may be making Indonesia seem more politically polarised than it is.

An interview with Ridwan Kamil

On 'black campaigns', the Islamic vote, and upcoming presidential elections.

New tech and old loyalties mash up a historic contest

The resurgence of ‘old’ Mahathir against the Najib coalition has been matched with the ‘new’, the cheap smartphone.

Disinformation and democracy in Indonesia

Crackdowns on ‘fake news’ producers aren’t enough—Indonesian voters need better journalism and greater digital literacy.

‘Bottom up’ campaigning failed Ahok, and it might fail Jokowi.

Hailed as a game changer in the 2012 Jakarta polls, volunteer and social media campaigns are playing an increasingly ambiguous role in Indonesian politics.

When Turnbull came to town

Ross Tapsell reports on Australian PM's fly in, fly out visit to Jakarta.

The medium of people power

In the wake of Malaysia's Bersih 4 rally, Ross Tapsell looks at the rise of drone journalism & social media in Southeast Asia.

Dare to dream big

Waking up to the realities of the Australia-Indonesia relationship.

The empire strikes back

Indonesia's oligarchs are flexing their muscles. But to what extent were they defeated by Jokowi in the first place?

Press freedom in Papua?

Ross Tapsell examines the significance of foreign journalists being allowed into Indonesia's Papua provinces.

Anti-democratic? Prabowo’s response

Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto responds to New Mandala regarding doubts about his commitment to democracy.