Articles by Stephen Sherlock

Continuity was the surprise in Indonesia’s legislative elections

Identity and patronage are playing a part in stabilising a “two-track” party system

Taking parliament to the people in Indonesia

Aid-supported 'participatory recess' programs are promoting healthier communication between MPs and constituents. But it won't transform politics unless parties sign on wholesale.

Jokowi shares the blame for MD3 debacle

The MD3 saga lays bare not only the DPR's attempt to shield itself from public accountability, but the dysfunctionality of governance under Jokowi.

President Jokowi: ten years too soon?

There's still a lot of the old order in Indonesia's democracy and political parties, writes Stephen Sherlock

House of Cards Part III

Stephen Sherlock examines what the controversial MD3 bill says about Indonesia's upcoming parliament.

House of Cards Part 2

Stephen Sherlock looks at the real effects of party fragmentation in the legislature

House of Cards

Stephen Sherlock in a 3 part series about what's up with the Indonesian legislature.