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No protection, more repression: freedom of expression in Southeast Asia

...these are fundamentally contrary to the principles of international human rights law and fail to meet the principle of “legal certainty” of international law.

The Centrality of the Civil Disobedience Movement in Myanmar’s Post-Coup Era

Humanitarian work without the recognition of the CDM will provoke public distrust and rejection.

Thailand’s King Vajiralongkorn: turning back time

The king is reviving the life of his absolutist forebears while trying to bring the military under control.

COVID-19 gives cover for threats to freedom of information and expression in Myanmar

An ongoing crackdown on freedom of expression is impacting the access to essential information.

Has Rama X revived Thailand’s death penalty?

There are strong indications that Teerasak Longji submitted a petition for royal clemency. But unlike those condemned before him, his plea for clemency was rejected by His Majesty the King.

Exposing Victoria’s Secret—and the NCPO’s graft

The raid against Victoria’s Secret was orchestrated by a group within the state that is opposing the growing influence of the Kampol–Chai–Somyot network.

Open Letter Condemning the Thai Constitution

"Thai Citizens Against Dictatorship" with their open letter condemning the interim constitution.

Rumour, religion and riots in Mandalay

Those promulgating rumours are responsible for flaming Myanmar’s ongoing Muslim-Buddhist unrest

Days of future past in Thailand

Perhaps things in Thailand could have turned out very differently, as this journey into the past, and future, suggests.

ANU No Coup

A group of students, faculty and alumni of the Australian National University has written an open letter condemning the latest military coup in Thailand.

Kamol, Rienthong, and 112

The assassination of Kamol Duangphasuk marks an ominous new low point in the development of Thailand's increasingly bloody political stalemate,

Activated Borders: Re-openings, Ruptures and Relationships

Scholars of Asian borderlands will want to attend this important conference