Australia and Southeast Asia

What should the region do about Cambodia’s crackdown?

A discussion on how Australia, ASEAN, and the world might support democracy and human rights in Cambodia.

Gareth Evans on confronting Hun Sen

Read the former Australian foreign minister's remarks made at the "Cambodia on the Brink" conference in Canberra.

Fragile paradise: Bali and volcanic threats to our region

The destruction of centuries past should focus the region on preparing for Indonesia’s next mega-eruption.

Remembering Professor Joel S. Kahn

A tribute to the life and work of the acclaimed anthropologist, who passed away on 1 May 2017.

Out of order

Australian's vision for ASEAN defending international rules-based order totally unrealistic.

Love thy neighbour

Why Indonesia and Australia must acknowledge their secret shared history.

A sunset for Greater Sunrise?

Terminated treaties and a standoff in the Timor Sea.

Living in limbo

The forgotten refugees of Indonesia.

Travels with Des Ball

Former student Cam Hawker reflects on his time in Southeast Asia with acclaimed scholar Des Ball.

ANU to remember Des Ball

New Mandala invites readers to celebrate the life and career of an extraordinary scholar.

Girt by sea

Australia’s limited choices in the South China Sea.

Of flags on bums and castrated courts

The Budgie Nine outrage and the rule of law in Malaysia.

Time to draw the line

Why Australia must meet Timor-Leste halfway over their disputed sea border.

Time running out for Timor-Leste

Will UN conciliation end the Timor Sea dispute?

Crisis and confidence in Najib’s Malaysia

Malaysia Update to examine what comes next for the Southeast Asian nation.

When trade worlds collide

Australia leaves itself short changed in efforts to unlock Indonesia's economy.

How Australia Plus became Australia minus

Australia’s television service for the Asia Pacific is a turn off.

Australia offline in an online world

Time to position Australia as a digital player.

Tolerance in the time of terror 

From Jihadis to Ma Ba Tha to 'Hansonites', extremism begets extremism.

Australian PM Macolm Turnbull meets with Indonesia President Joko Widodo.

The future of Australia-Indonesia relations

How will Australia's domestic political deadlock affect ties between the two nations?

Australian politician pens awful Orientalist erotica

'Sexy' war story would have Said in a lather - for all the wrong reasons.

The historian who charted Australia’s Asian future

Anthony Milner pays tribute to the late John Legge.

So near, so far and growing apart

What's to blame for poor Australia-Indonesia relations, asks Duncan Graham.

Australia’s diplomatic trade-off

Leadership and vision lacking on strategic Asia issues, writes Donna Baker.