Ghosts in the forest

Corinne Purtill recounts her time spent interviewing Cambodia’s isolated indigenous communities

The quiet erosion of parliamentary immunity in Cambodia

Return to 'lawfare' as one side of politics uses constitution to attack the other.

The rise of the young entrepreneur in Cambodia

Youth takes the lead for sustainable economic growth, reports Scott Rawlinson.

The Kingdom’s self-proclaimed ‘father of Facebook’

How Cambodia's PM is scoring big political points via social media.

Curtain call for the CNRP?

Scott Rawlinson reflects on the chances of survival for Cambodia's all-important opposition party.

Corruption, corpses and Cambodian cops

Back from the dead to plea for his murderers.

Lawlessness and mass violence in Cambodia

Scott Rawlinson puts forward a new explanation for the country's genocide.

Elections, parties and decentralisation in Cambodia

Reform and not clampdowns the way to win voters' trust, writes Scott Rawlinson.

Christianity in Cambodia

Philip Coggan examines an often overlooked but rapidly-growing religion.

Democratic contraction in Southeast Asia

Bridget Welsh surveys the rise of a worrying trend in the region.

Through the cracks, light enters

Thinking differently about environmental reform in Cambodia.

Sex work and the state in Cambodia

A long history of gendered power relations leave sex workers dangerously vulnerable today.

Going viral in Cambodian cyberspace

Will the rise of social media see the fall of Cambodia's 'strongman'?

The high price of Chinese hydropower

Lack of governance leads to costly social and environmental impacts.

Code REDD+ in Cambodia

Rural poor are being abandoned by the climate change scheme, argues Tim Frewer.

Carving up Cambodia’s forests

Human relocation and Chinese development threaten the country's largest national park.

Fascist assemblages in Cambodia and Myanmar

Tim Frewer examines the rise of extreme Buddhism and ethno-nationalism across the Southeast Asian region

The naked Apsara in Cambodia

Scott Rawlinson wades into a discussion about Khmer women, sexualisation and gender

Blind spot in Buddhist Studies

Eisel Mazard looks closely at the relationship between Buddhist Studies and contemporary politics in Southeast Asia

Securitisation of Australian Aid

Tim Frewer argues the Australian aid industry is captured by those who will pursue the logic of security on behalf of Australians

Asylum seekers, refugees and Cambodia’s “national” interest

Scott Rawlinson looks at the paradoxical nature of Cambodia's approach to asylum seekers and refugees.

Revisiting Cambodia’s peace

Sovannarith Keo looks at the persistence of violence and disquiet 18 years after the Paris Peace Agreement

Watch the border…

Doug Krugman suggests Thailand and Cambodia need reminding that renewed violence would not be welcome