Online Issues

An important message about New Mandala comments

Our editor, Liam Gammon, offers some advice on getting your comment published.

Online media and repressive regimes

New Mandala, Thailand's political crisis and the limits of the Internet.

Let slip the blogs of war

Twitteratzi Natalie Sambhi on how blogging and social media makes for better academia.

The go-to site on Southeast Asia

Peter Drysdale, co-founder of East Asia Forum reflects on New Mandala's first decade.

The blogger’s rise and media’s demise

Can academic bloggers fill the gap left by the retreat of traditional media?

Blogging beyond soundbites and spin

Martyn Pearce and Quentin Grafton look at how "expert analysis eco-systems" power better public debate and knowledge.

New Mandala co-founders Andrew Walker and Nicholas Farrelly.

New Mandala turns 10

“Blogging has opened up academia to larger and more varied audiences.” James Giggacher reports on how a military coup led to a revolution in connecting academic insight with the wider world.

A comment on comments and bone-crunching tackles

Play the ball and not the man or woman.

Survey of Thai Internet use and restrictions

University of Washington study seeks your input.

ANU Thai Studies conference keynote address

Thongchai Winichakul speaks on how Thais educated abroad influence Thai academia and Asian studies.

New Mandala appoints new editor

Today we announce the appointment of James Giggacher as editor of New Mandala

Want to work for New Mandala?

New Mandala looks to appoint a part-time Postdoctoral Fellow and Editor. Applications close 5 February 2015.

Happy New Year from New Mandala

New Mandala's end of year spectacular has some familiar faces getting their groove on

Writing for New Mandala

Co-founder Nicholas Farrelly announces an open call for submissions from the next generation of leading Southeast Asia analysts

Tradition dictates…

...that we celebrate the festive season in New Mandala's habitual style. In recognition of some of the year's major players, we have opted to introduce some new figures into our winter wonderland.