VIDEO: Bridget Welsh on Malaysia’s political transformation

Malaysia after GE14: transition to what?

Barisan Nasional was in power for 60 years. How does an electoral authoritarian regime get defeated, and will similar regimes in the region follow?

GE14 at New Mandala

  • New Mandala expresses serious concern for academic freedom in Malaysia about 4 years ago

    Editor’s note: Kean Wong, New Mandala’s former Malaysia section editor and a valued friend and colleague of New Mandala and ANU, was detained by Malaysian police on 16 October 2023. In response to this concerning news we are republishing the following text, which was posted on 26 July and prepared by Dr Elly Kent, then...

  • The Malaysian economy faces turbulence abroad after regime change about 5 years ago

    The 'new Malaysia' challenge is to redefine its trade and industrial policies, and to work out where the new sources of growth and tax revenue can be, more so after the GST's removal.

  • Warming to climate change about 6 years ago

    Can the new climate change ministry navigate the complex politics of competing interests when tackling the threats of extreme weather? Or is an independent commission answerable to Parliament needed to hold the government to account?

  • Malay dominance remains despite UMNO’s rout about 6 years ago

    Despite the routing of UMNO at GE14 amid regime change, Malay politicians still dominate the new coalition government.

  • Ways of seeing a ‘moderate Muslim nation’ about 6 years ago

    As long as the global attitude towards religious issues doesn't change, and Malaysians themselves mostly stay silent on these issues, the temptation will always be to smother dissent in the ‘invisibility cloak of religion’.