Southeast Asian cyberspace: politics, censorship, polarisation

The internet is both a factor in, and a victim of, the region’s crisis of democracy.

Doing old academia with new media

New Mandala team to deliver new practicum course.

Malaysian media – watchdog or running dog?

Tessa Houghton reports on "Watching the Watchdog" project which monitored and analysed the Malaysian media at the 13th general election.

The Aussie media on Malaysia: Compromised representation or manicured distortion?

Coverage of Malaysia in the Australian media is of poor quality argues AB Shamsul.

Banned from Vietnam

The author of one of the best books on contemporary Vietnam has been banned from the country.

Intolerance, Islam and the Internet in Burma

In this post from the archives, Sai Latt examines the role of the Internet in anti-Muslim hate speech