Articles by Mish Khan

Should we boycott Myanmar tourism?

Further isolating the Myanmar public from international perspectives will do nothing to help the Rohingya.

Hun Sen’s trump card

What does Trump's victory mean for Cambodia?

Thailand’s top ten after Bhumibol

The key personalities after the reign of Rama IX.

Lights, cameras, inaction

Cambodia's deteriorating political culture fuelled by narcissism and social media, writes Mish Khan.

Thai authorities target critic’s wife

Andrew MacGregor Marshall's wife held by police in Bangkok.

Duterte’s rape joke no laughing matter

Philippines presidential candidate’s comments on Australian victim leave a bad taste.

Sticking it to the crown

Cartoons lampooning Thai royal family spark major backlash.

Australian politician pens awful Orientalist erotica

'Sexy' war story would have Said in a lather - for all the wrong reasons.

Red buckets and red alerts

Thai junta's crackdown on housewife beyond the 'pail', writes Mish Khan.

Nightclubs and nepotism in Singapore

PM's son crashes the party, everyone else goes home.