Articles by Mish Khan

A massive mistake for a Marcos at mass

Widow of former dictator accidentally honours victims of her late husband.

Corruption, corpses and Cambodian cops

Back from the dead to plea for his murderers.

The Thai princess and her loo by the lake

When nature calls waste is no issue for a royal.

Futuristic shoes a kick in the guts for Philippines poor

Social media stomps all over presidential candidate son's choice of footwear.

Southeast Asian snapshots

Cards, clowns and canoodling candidates.

The marathon to Malacañang Palace

Mish Khan sets the scene for the Philippines presidential election.

Southeast Asian snapshots

Sordid shenanigans from Australia and more silliness in our region.

Southeast Asian snapshots

Trolley theatrics and satay sellers face-off against terrorists; its been another wacky week in the region.

Southeast Asian snapshots

Kids with guns in Thailand, fake royalty in Malaysia and Optimus Prime comes to Johor.

Southeast Asian Snapshots

Twitter tantrums in Indonesia and graft-y golf in Malaysia; Mish Khan wraps up the week that was.

Southeast Asian snapshots

Tributes to Trump and lost Lexus cars in Cambodia: Mish Khan wraps up the week.

Southeast Asian snapshots

From unholy insults to wacky witchcraft, Mish Khan brings you the best and worst from the region.