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Mount Bromo shows its darker side at this haunting Hindu festival.

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Keep calm, carry on, and drink tea

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Drones put land rights back on the map

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Is history repeating itself in Indonesia?

The east is red

Why Southeast Asia is now firmly in the grip of China.

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Hendri Yuluius charts how the Indonesian State helped move LGBT identities from the margins to the mainstream.

More work needed for Indonesia’s democracy

A lack of employment opportunities is undermining the country's democratic gains.

‘Proxyphobia’ in Indonesia

How the military’s fear campaign trumps Trump’s.

Ahok, the FPI and PilPres 2019

Can Jakarta's governor survive in a gangster's paradise?

The perils of a protest

The race for Jakarta governor must not succumb to race, writes Dwi Kiswanto.

Islamic rage and identity politics in Indonesia

Is Indonesia's democratic consolidation in peril?

Seeking excuses?

In the wake of Jakarta's protests Jokowi's cancelled visit to Australia is a missed opportunity, writes Duncan Graham.

Stuck in the immoderate middle

Opposition to Ahok is being spurned on by Indonesia's Muslim middle class, writes Chris Chaplin.

Making enemies out of friends  

The evictions regime of Jakarta’s governor, Ahok, has provided ample recruitment opportunities for hardliners, writes Ian Wilson.

Endangered Cuisines: Yogyakarta’s Gudeg

Food & travel writer Sheridan Rogers joins PoP this week to explore Yogyakarta's traditional food, gudeg .

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The unintended consequences of Indonesia's Village Law.

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In conversation with Indonesia's former education minister Anies Baswedan.