‘Proxyphobia’ in Indonesia

How the military’s fear campaign trumps Trump’s.

Ahok, the FPI and PilPres 2019

Can Jakarta's governor survive in a gangster's paradise?

The perils of a protest

The race for Jakarta governor must not succumb to race, writes Dwi Kiswanto.

Islamic rage and identity politics in Indonesia

Is Indonesia's democratic consolidation in peril?

Seeking excuses?

In the wake of Jakarta's protests Jokowi's cancelled visit to Australia is a missed opportunity, writes Duncan Graham.

Stuck in the immoderate middle

Opposition to Ahok is being spurned on by Indonesia's Muslim middle class, writes Chris Chaplin.

Making enemies out of friends  

The evictions regime of Jakarta’s governor, Ahok, has provided ample recruitment opportunities for hardliners, writes Ian Wilson.

Endangered Cuisines: Yogyakarta’s Gudeg

Food & travel writer Sheridan Rogers joins PoP this week to explore Yogyakarta's traditional food, gudeg .

Will the Village Law change rural Indonesia?

The unintended consequences of Indonesia's Village Law.

Learning about politics

In conversation with Indonesia's former education minister Anies Baswedan.

Noel’s Story, Whose history?

Elisabeth Kramer's search for the grave of an Australian killed by the Dutch during Indonesia's war of independence

The war on homosexuality in Indonesia

How hetero- and homo-nationalisms are colliding in debates about LGBT rights.

A rise in anti-Chinese rhetoric

Politics, economics and religion are to blame, writes Hew Wai Weng.

A recipe for disaster?

What the closure of a food stall during Ramadan says about the challenges of decentralisation in Indonesia.

Stopping the spread

Causes and consequences of Indonesia's alarming rate of HIV/AIDS.

The tragedy of communal land in Indonesia

Study finds low productivity and high conflict on shared land in some of Indonesia's poorest provinces.

Digital can breach the divide

Indonesia shows why digital literacy is just as important for Australia as Asia literacy.

A policy without a strategy

Indonesia’s future in the Indian Ocean.

Past friends need to work on their future

Indonesia has a long way to go. Australia should go with it.

Wiranto: war criminal or political moderate?

Juggling the interests of reformers and hardliners a key legacy.

Rights in the firing line

After the latest round of executions for drugs crimes, is there hope for human rights in Jokowi's Indonesia?

Emergencies and executions under Jokowi

So-called national emergencies give President no right to breach human rights.

When trade worlds collide

Australia leaves itself short changed in efforts to unlock Indonesia's economy.