A policy without a strategy

Indonesia’s future in the Indian Ocean.

Past friends need to work on their future

Indonesia has a long way to go. Australia should go with it.

Wiranto: war criminal or political moderate?

Juggling the interests of reformers and hardliners a key legacy.

Rights in the firing line

After the latest round of executions for drugs crimes, is there hope for human rights in Jokowi's Indonesia?

Emergencies and executions under Jokowi

So-called national emergencies give President no right to breach human rights.

When trade worlds collide

Australia leaves itself short changed in efforts to unlock Indonesia's economy.

A new way of seeing asylum seekers

How a photography project is helping change attitudes about refugees in Indonesia.

Cashing in

Jokowi’s second reshuffle is a win for the president’s loyalists and financiers.

Interrogating the Dictator

Nostalgic videos of Suharto reveal that the flaws of his rule were obvious to those who lived through it.

The middle class president

Jokowi’s developmentalist democracy goes beyond a simplistic personal attribute or set of beliefs: it is inherent to his class status.

Melanesian solidarity vs economic power

Melanesian solidarity and prosperity at stake with West Papua question.

Dialogue over repression

Why Melanesia and Indonesia need West Papua's liberation movement.

Jokowi shuffles the deck for presidential push

President aims to set himself up for reelection in 2019 with new look cabinet.

Finders, not keepers

The theft of an Australian warship in Indonesia waters

Wiranto and Indonesia’s new Cabinet

Will President Jokowi's latest shake-up backfire?

Global Salafi activism and Indonesian Islam

How Wahdah Islamiyah is helping to create an Indonesian Salafi movement.

Dear Jokowi: are you sure?

Hard questions for Indonesia's President as he orders yet another round of executions.

Indonesia’s 1965 genocide is a global affair

Why findings from the International Tribunal on mass killing warrant action.

A statement on the South China Sea ruling

Indonesia foreign policy experts call for respect and restraint.

How Australia Plus became Australia minus

Australia’s television service for the Asia Pacific is a turn off.

Living in a gangster’s paradise

Civilian defence and street thugs in Indonesia.

What hope for West Papuan refugees in PNG?

Citizenship not enough to alleviate the struggle of those who have fled Indonesia.

The West Papua wrecking ball?

West Papua liberation movement's membership could unravel the Melanesian Spearhead Group.