The cost of castration in Indonesia

Is Indonesia's new castration policy ethical?

A parasite in democracy

Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat and Muhammad Beni Saputra discuss the implications of Indonesia's mainstream media being controlled by oligarchs.

Indonesia’s anti-corruption drive (part two)

The second part to Jeremy Mulholland's series on the rise and ruin of the KPK

Indonesia’s anti-corruption drive (part one)

Jeremy Mulholland details the rise and ruin of Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission.

Indonesia’s education system sorely lacking leadership

A failure to focus on leadership promotes deep flaws in education.

Musing on the aesthetics of modern Muslims

Hew Wai Weng explores various aesthetic forms that are popular among middle-class Muslims.

Hunting and killing ninjas in Indonesia

A troubling tale of sorcerer killings and ninja fear in East Java.

Cementing dissent in Indonesia

Courageous peasant women concrete feet to keep struggle alive, writes Iqra Anugrah.

Massacre, memory and the wounds of 1965

Truth still elusive after symposium on Indonesia's mass killings, writes Ariel Heryanto.

The rise of Indonesian digital art

Contemporary art is breaking new boundaries and tackling important issues.

Orangutans and ‘non-human’ rights

Should we recognise humanity in another species?

Seeking a “zone of safety”

How Indonesia's 'state care' is making beggars, buskers and the homeless more vulnerable.

Urban exclusion in Southeast Asia

When it comes to urban planning, lines of exclusion and inclusion need to be redrawn.

Ceremony and pomp in Papua

Ministerial visit shows that Jokowi's government still lacks genuine solutions when it comes to troubled region.

Jakarta left all at sea by island clash with China

What the South China Sea reveals about Indonesia's foreign policy.

Street power and electoral politics in Indonesia

The influence of militias on local elections.

Australian politician pens awful Orientalist erotica

'Sexy' war story would have Said in a lather - for all the wrong reasons.

From the closet into the light

Studying at the University of Indonesia as a gay man.

Sustaining anti-Chinese sentiment in Jakarta

Don't be "arrogant with power" senior army general warns.

Jokowi’s Papua policy deeply flawed

Disconnect between Jakarta and provinces could widen under current presidency.

Morality and LGBT rights in Indonesia

Homophobic local bylaws make a marginalised community more vulnerable.