Trouble in the East?

Edward Aspinall warns that observers need to be careful about potential vote rigging in Papua and West Papua provinces.

Every vote must be counted, every voice must be heard

Rob Allyn, a media consultant to Prabowo in Indonesia's 2014 Presidential election, seeks to set the record straight

Voting Number 1

Roanne Von Voorst explores the mechanics of a Prabowo win on the banks of a Jakarta slum

Stand by your man

Jacqui Baker asks whether, in Indonesia today, the police are politically neutral?

Taktik Permainan Prabowo

Menurut Ed Aspinall dan Marcus Mietzner, ada indikasi bahwa kubu Prabowo sengaja membingungkan masyarakat tentang hasil pilpres.

How to read a quick count

Andrew Thornley on separating the pollster wheat from the chaff

Prabowo’s game plan

Edward Aspinall and Marcus Mietzner explain how Prabowo Subianto is trying to sow confusion and steal the election

Stand-off as Indonesia treads new democratic path

The count may be in, but the contest isn't over, reports James Giggacher.

The view from Yogyakarta

Angie Bexley has captured some stunning shots of voting in Yogyakarta.

President Jokowi vs Oligarchy

Can Indonesia's new president counter oligarchy?

In Safe Hands?

All eyes turn to Indonesia's General Electoral Commission

Let God decide

Some Indonesian voters are seeking divine intervention in today's presidential vote.

Art and elections

Virginia Hooker casts her keen eye over how art is depicting Indonesia's 2014 presidential elections.

Uneasy alliance: Prabowo and the Islamic parties

A closer look at the religious dynamics of Prabowo’s coalition reveals that it may not be as it would seem, writes Greg Fealy.

LIVE BLOG: Indonesian Presidential Election

Follow all the action as we cover Indonesia's 2014 presidential vote.

Bring on the ballot

The story of Indonesia's 2014 elections - as told by New Mandala.

Presidential elections in Papua

For Papuans, it's a question of how the vote is conducted, writes Jenny Munro.

How will Papua vote?

Regardless of who wins Indonesia's presidential election it won't make a difference for Papuans, writes Bobby Anderson.

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Dom Berger and Eve Warburton's notes from the field in Sulawesi and Maluku.

Mayhem in Victoria Park

As thousands of expat Indonesians went to the presidential polls, it seems not everyone is getting their chance to vote

The missing ‘green’ questions in Indonesia presidential election

The environment still remains a neglected issue in Indonesia's presidential race.

Jokowi’s big concert

Ray Yen's snapshots of the big pro-Jokowi stadium concert in Jakarta.

‘Prabowo, War Commander’

Some snapshots of an Islamic hardliners' event in support of Prabowo in Yogyakarta

Red Fury in Lampung

Ward Berenschot reflects on the PDI-P campaign that wasn’t.