Foreign affairs a stranger to Indonesia’s presidential hopefuls

Indonesia's third presidential debate on foreign affairs reveals a lack of worldly knowledge

Indonesia’s promoter-in-chief

Indonesia's standing on the world stage is likely to decline once President SBY leaves office, writes David Willis.

Demokrasi Indonesia Dalam Bahaya

Menurut Edward Aspinall, Prabowo ialah ancaman terhadap demokrasi.

Hope, migrated

Will the new political strength of Indonesia's migrant worker class translate into better policies?

Two rounds or one?

Simon Butt analyses the likelihood of Indonesia's presidential election going to a second round.

Assortative mating and the election

Ariane Utomo wonders whether love can conquer campaign divides?

A better bureaucracy?

Ross McLeod finds unexpected hope in the presidential candidates' policies on public sector reform.

Returning to the 1945 Constitution: what does it mean?

Why we should be worried that one candidate promises to roll back constitutional reforms.

Indonesia’s democracy is in danger

Ed Aspinall says a Prabowo win 'carries major risks of serious authoritarian regression'.

Indonesia’s Elections: The View From Next Door

Election, what election? Farish Noor wonders why Indonesia's neighbours just don't seem to care.

Video: Jokowi v Prabowo

Ross Tapsell and Greg Fealy canvass Indonesia's presidential candidates and how the electorate are responding to them.

Prabowo’s dog-whistling

Prabowo is cosmopolitan or xenophobic, depending on who's in front of him.

Defending the Faith

Prabowo’s presidential bid, Islamic conservatives and sectarian divisions

See you in court

Under the open list system, claims of legislative candidates 'stealing' votes from party colleagues during the counting process.

Persona non grata no more?

Hamish McDonald tests the notion that a Prabowo presidency might not be that bad after all.

So what is Jokowi’s message?

Yen Tzu-Chien observes Jokowi in action at an event in Jakarta, and hears about the 'mental revolution'.

Belief in One God

Can the presidential candidates tackle rising religious intolerance when in office? Not when prime perpetrator is the state itself, argues A'an Suryana.

Freaky Friday

The Hendropriyono pot calls the Prabowo kettle black, Jokowi goes to Papua and Gerindra gets Happy.

Making Peace with the Enemy

Why do victims of human rights abuses support for Prabowo’s candidacy for President?

Student Politics in the Selfie-Age

Elena Williams discovers that student politics in Yogyakarta aren't what they used to be.

Promiscuity into promise?

Dan Slater argues that voters are facing a most fateful electoral decision

Friday wrap

The campaign this week in social and mass media: NM Indonesia editors sat on fesbuk this week so you could at least get some work done.

Campaigning on religious nationalism

How a Shia candidate used 'religious nationalism' to win in a majority Sunni electorate.

Securing Success

Bob Lowry asks where do the political preferences of the police and the military lie?