The changing power of rumours

Fake news and online liberalism in the Philippines.

Duterte and Donald’s ctrl-alt-delete

Will resetting the US-Philippines relationship put a stop to souring relations?

Doctor, my eyes

Do eye surgeons turned politician bring unique vision to politics?

Tough year for human rights in Southeast Asia

2016 was not a good year for the region's civil liberties, writes Bridget Welsh.

The double-edged sword of social media

The role of social media in a hotly debated democracy.

Growing insecurity in Muslim Mindanao

Are the peace plan and the presidency at risk?

Who built Marcos’ tomb?

A dictator’s hero’s burial and the Philippines’ post-EDSA democratic crisis.

Malaysia, the Philippines and ASEAN

Are there still signs for optimism in ASEAN?

The human cost of Duterte’s drug war

Why the war on drugs needs to acknowledge the human and social dimension.

The east is red

Why Southeast Asia is now firmly in the grip of China.

What Trump can learn from Duterte

Could the Philippines President show the US President-elect how to reform?

Duterte banks on Beijing for political gain

The political economy of the Philippines’ shift to China.

Duterte’s plan to revive Philippine democracy

Can an updated constitution empower citizens and strengthen democracy?

Online politics in the Philippines

The Internet as a sphere of contestation in Duterte’s regime.

How human rights can win Duterte’s war

Human rights can have a place in Duterte’s war against drugs.

A shroud of violence in the Philippines

Why does Filipino society paradoxically accept violent means to contain violence?

The Duterte paradox

Is the Philippines heading towards developmental authoritarianism?

No smooth sailing

Philippines 'utility men', servitude and dreams of better days.

Duterte a law unto himself

As a populist, Duterte’s erosion of the rule of law is no surprise.

A storm of bullets, a wave of apathy

Duterte is gaining in the war on drugs, but at a terrifying cost to Filipino society.

Poor Filipinos’ lives don’t seem to matter

Duterte’s war on drugs is also a war on class.

A statement on the South China Sea ruling

Indonesia foreign policy experts call for respect and restraint.

To rule over the waves

South China Sea award is a legal and moral victory for the Philippines. But the battle is only half won.