Trans-Border Issues

A crop of poppies collected in the Golden Triangle. Drug trafficking represents a major cross-border challenge for many states. Photo from Wikimedia commons.

Governing borderless threats

Lee Jones and Shahar Hameiri ask how can the region and the world can better respond to new security issues

Academic diplomacy in the 21st century

Debate, dialogue and the sharing of ideas will help middle powers muscle up on the world stage.

The changing face of humanitarianism

Could new regional players help solve crises like the Rohingya?

Flags: Old and new

Nicholas Farrelly writes that national flags are often considered sacred and thus eternal. But they can change.

Entrepreneurship and economic growth?

Are Asian policy makers fooled by the hype that entrepreneur development creates economic growth?

Lost in Asia?

The Asian Century white paper has been "wowed" by the Australian media but it's doubtful if anybody in the region is looking at Australia with any more interest today.