The story of Malaysia through its constitution

Malaysia's Federal Constitution no longer embodies the spirit and intentions of the country's founders.

Heritage, Memories & Kinship: Reflections On Qing Ming Festival

Graves told stories of geographical, familial ties, folklore and culture, and spanned the realms of the sacred and profane.

Remembering Professor Joel S. Kahn

A tribute to the life and work of the acclaimed anthropologist, who passed away on 1 May 2017.

Malaysia must wake up to its human trafficking problem

As Rohingya and supporters gather to remember those buried at Wang Kelian, corruption and official inertia perpetuate human trafficking.

The allure of Joget Gamelan

Threatened by neglect and officialdom, can the great Malay tradition of Joget Gamelan make a comeback?

Pemuda PAS: vanguard of Malaysian Islamist politics

The ideological conservatism of young PAS cadres was on full display at the party's national congress.

Malaysia’s electoral reform: more important than ever

How can Malaysia overhaul its authoritarian and corrupt political structure?

Who’s behind Pastor Koh’s disappearance?

Why Malaysia's police and JAKIM deserve some scrutiny.


Tackling sex re-assignment surgery in Malaysia

Understanding the state’s aversion towards sex-reassignment in Malaysia.

The politics of Himpunan 355

Sharia law, islamic rallies and existential crises in Malaysia.

The politics of native titles in Sarawak

Dayaks' land claims left on shaky ground by self-serving leaders and political malaise.

Playing Malaysia’s number game

Can the country's economic data be trusted?

Malaysia’s criminal state of mind

Assassination of North Korean offers Najib a lifeline.

Killing Kim

Political sanctuary, assassination and why Kim Jong Nam’s killing won’t be the last.

ASEAN: same, same not different

Why trade trumps tolerance in the regional bloc.

The look of a winner

Why public image matters for Malaysia’s newest opposition party

The Sensual Art of Nyonya Cuisine

Food as heritage: The origins of peranakan cuisine

A good day’s work

Why Southeast Asia should be worried about Trump's pick for Secretary of Labor.

Four decades of a Malay myth

The 'Lazy Native' at 40 can’t speak English and is a gangster on wheels, writes  Masturah Alatas.

Language shaming in Malaysia

Tan Zi Hao takes a look at stammering tongues and postcolonial imperialism.

Reclaiming halal

Food, faith, power and big business in Malaysia.

Tough year for human rights in Southeast Asia

2016 was not a good year for the region's civil liberties, writes Bridget Welsh.

Race to the bottom

The fate of minority rights in ASEAN.

An alliance to secure electoral victory

Najib’s political strategy in the lead-up to the next general election