Social unrest

Flipping the SCRIPT: Anwar seeks to repair his nation in postnormal times

The opposition leader's new book is a pitch to lead Malaysians as they set out together to repair their social fabric.

Whither labour law reform in Malaysia?

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic shows the role of trade unions is even more important in defending workers’ rights during the health and social crisis.

Four years of people’s war: an assessment of the New People’s Army from 2016-2019

The end of the NPA's insurgency isn't guaranteed despite what officials say.

Ways of seeing a ‘moderate Muslim nation’

As long as the global attitude towards religious issues doesn't change, and Malaysians themselves mostly stay silent on these issues, the temptation will always be to smother dissent in the ‘invisibility cloak of religion’.

Notes from the campaign: Lembah Pantai

Street theatre and the wayang of politics merge one warm night in an urban battle about corruption big and small.

Gangsta to the roots: Gangsta or civil society?

Sophie Lemiere argues that "gangsters" are now embedded into Malaysia's political system.

Gangsta to the roots: Gangsta beyond stereotypes

In Part 3, Sophie Lemiere analyses the organisational structure of Pekida.

Gangsta to the roots: Gangsta through the years

In Part 2, Sophie Lemiere traces the history of Pekida.

Gangsta to the roots: A Gangsta’s paradise

Sophie Lemiere explores the nexus between UMNO and gangsterism in this four part article.

Bringing Malaysia back to the “middle”

Moderate Malaysians should band together to save Malaysia from the extremists.


MyKuasa is a project to change voting attitudes in Malaysia, beginning with the states of Perak and Selangor. This is its first report.

A response to UiTM’s seminar presenters

A Christian perspective of the Trinity.

Daulat – an afterword

Clive Kessler's concluding analysis of daulat, monarchy and constitutionalism in modern Malaysia.

Political participation and pleasurable pain in Malaysia

If pleasurable pain can be said to be a critical political factor, then recent developments in Malaysia is to be welcomed.

Daulat – a quibble about words?

Daulat and kedaulatan each has its place, and each is to be honoured in its own place, and not to be inserted into that of the other.

Daulat – the ancient and the modern

Is there something more to the position of the traditional Malay ruler than his modern constitutional position?

Democratisation by elections and protracted transition

Elections are the means for greater democratisation in Malaysia, yet it is leading to greater polarisation.

Daulat, kedaulatan, sovereignty and constitutionalism

Clive Kessler presents his original analysis of daulat, kedaulatan, sovereignty and modern constitutionalism in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s “Devarajas”

Clive Kessler revisits the origins of 'daulat' and 'devaraja' and how Malaysia's 'new royalists" are re-imposing these concepts.

Reinventing “derhaka” in modern Malaysia

Malaysia's “new royalist” theorists reinvents "derhaka" in an attempt to rewrite the Malaysian constitution.

Non-government actors advancing democracy in Malaysia

Danielle May argues the closeness of the 2013 election indicates an underlying shift in political attitudes

Who divides Malaysia?

The condemnation of UMNO is increasingly becoming mainstream. Does this signal a change of what the international community thinks of UMNO?

Hate speech and free speech in Malaysia

Hate speech is unacceptable and should not be part of free speech, and should be restricted in Malaysia, argues Dr. Mohd Azizuddin.