Eve of Myanmar’s Armed Forces Day 2016

Olivia Cable in Naypyitaw is gearing up for this year's major military parade.

Britain and Myanmar friends again

Both countries have overcome a lingering colonial hangover, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

Witnessing Myanmar’s momentous change

New book provides eyewitness account of country's incredible reforms.

Universities in a democratic Myanmar

Democracies need open and vibrant education systems, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

Myanmar’s next president

Trevor Wilson on the country’s likely leaders and how they are likely to lead.

Misplaced affection for Myanmar’s old days

Nostalgia misses the costs that came with long-term economic paralysis, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

Peace in President Thein Sein’s time?

Why ending conflict with a collective of armed forces is vital to Myanmar's future.

Who are the ‘Naypyitawrians’?

Nicholas Farrelly looks at a new identity in a new Myanmar.

Myanmar: where civil society and democracy collide

Will Myanmar's civil society help or hinder political change?

Why the NLD needs to look beyond city lights

Prosperous and peaceful provincial towns should be the priority for the NLD, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

The two would-be women presidents

What chance do democracy's ladies in waiting, Aung San Suu Kyi and Hillary Clinton, have, asks Nehginpao Kipgen.

Shutting women out no path to peace in Myanmar

Women's experiences of conflict and violence critical to country's democratic development, writes Jenny Hedström.

Myanmar’s media flexes its muscle

Fast-changing landscape bears watching, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

Passing over the gavel without a fight

Myanmar's parliamentary speakers should be applauded for stepping down, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

Beer barons and ballads in Myanmar

Luke Corbin looks at the spillover from fluid copyright laws and nationalism.

Hope and reality in a new Myanmar

Trevor Wilson surveys the country's prospects under its new government.

The NLD’s iron-fisted gerontocracy

The party's cone of silence isn’t a departure from old-style dictatorial practice, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

Myanmar’s future can be built in the interim

Engaging local people in the short-term is key to ongoing peace and change.

Predicting Myanmar’s next president

Chit Win narrows down the field to identity the most likely candidate.

Misjudging Myanmar’s ethnic vote

Ethno-nationalism put to the test in recent elections, writes Nicholas Farrelly.

Charity and change

Chit Win reports on how ANU students are contributing to Myanmar's development.

The NLD and NPT

Pro-democracy warriors will need to understand the system they seek to dismantle.

Alliances key to Suu Kyi’s presidential push

Myanmar's champion of democracy must win over former military masters.

Democracy’s Kachin dance

Nicholas Farrelly examines Kachin politics in the wake of Myanmar's November election.