Fences and ghettoes aren’t the answer in Rakhine

If the government doesn't turn back from the path it's taking in Rakhine, the consequences for Myanmar's future will be severe.

Rohingya identity and the limits to history

The discussion around the history of the Rohingya, at its worst, deflects attention away from the problem of defining citizenship through ethnic indigeneity.

On the latest Rohingya crisis

The likely result of leaving the Tatmadaw to its own devices in dealing with ARSA is the creation of yet another insurgency.

Feminist facts Myanmar can’t afford to ignore

Myanmar women aren’t relying on outsiders to call out discrimination, or to organise to demand their rights.

Why Myanmar’s ethnic minorities lose faith in federalism and peace

Despite connecting with EAO leaders, Aung San Suu Kyi fails to garner local support among minority communities.

Land key to IDPs’ livelihoods

Land rights for displaced people are a critical, yet often overlooked, part of rebuilding livelihoods in Myanmar's conflict areas.

Can the NLD claim the high ground?

Greater democratisation will probably occur in spite of, not because of, Aung San Suu Kyi's leadership.

Is pork barrel politics emerging in Myanmar?

MP's Constituency Development Funds are criticised for promoting clientelism. But we should take a more nuanced view of their role in Myanmar's new politics.

Gendered rumours and Muslim scapegoats in Myanmar

Rumours about Myanmar’s Muslims are seen to contain an element of “truth” because they project blame for decades of suffering under military rule.

Connecting Myanmar libraries to global academia

The eLibrary Myanmar Project is helping libraries make the leap from isolation to digitisation, both of their own outstanding collections and global publications.

China’s economic ascension: not a race to the bottom for Myanmar

Why the expansion of Chinese investment into Myanmar isn't all gloom and doom.

Explaining the roots of KNU power struggles

The Karen National Union shows how internal conflicts in Myanmar’s insurgencies can complicate the peace process

How Myanmar’s ‘national races’ trumped citizenship

How the idea of 'taingyintha' is used to decide who does and does not belong in Myanmar's political community.

A science circus for Southeast Asia

How a revolutionary approach is addressing major gaps in STEM education.

Via flickr user Christopher Michel, used under Creative Commons licence.

Interpreting communal violence in Myanmar

On the nature of communal violence in Myanmar, and divergent Burmese and international interpretations of its causes.

Conflict in Kachin continues

Can progress prevail in the conflict ridden state?

Responding to Myanmar’s humanitarian crises

Jürg Montani on humanitarian action in Myanmar.

Peace and nation-building in Myanmar

Insights from the 2017 Myanmar Update.

Religion continues to divide Myanmar

James T Davies reports from the 2017 Myanmar Update.

The problem with a one woman show

Myanmar under Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD.

NLD must lead on Rohingya

International community cannot fix the problem.

Diplomatic protection for the stateless Rohingya

The UN’s capability to defend citizens of the world.

The wisdom in the literature

Why we must preserve Myanmar's scholarly and literary heritage.

Rights law the wrong move?

Why some Buddhist women are concerned about a proposed rights laws in Myanmar.