India looks east

Towards a robust India-Myanmar-Bangladesh trilateral.

Washington’s untapped influence in Myanmar

Despite China’s power and proximity, the US has more influence than it recognises in Myanmar.


Reconciliation in Rakhine State

Myanmar's government must lift local orders that continue to oppress minorities in the troubled state.

The US, Myanmar and the dragon in the background

Why Beijing benefits from softer US sanctions on Myanmar.

Why the NLD needs deft diplomacy

It's time for Myanmar's government to cash in on Aung San Suu Kyi's global reach.

Lifting US sanctions: right or wrong?

The case for and against dropping economic restrictions on Myanmar.

A taxing problem

‘Duty’ isn’t enough to boost Myanmar’s tax revenue, writes Gerard McCarthy.

Local democracy in Myanmar

New paper examines local elections and the future of decentralisation.

Journeys without maps in Myanmar

More open politics and new technologies are putting much of the country back on the beaten path.

Myanmar’s Rohingya need tomorrow’s fairer world today

Can the Kofi Annan-chaired commission chart a path to peace and human rights for the Rohingya?

Same old wine, brand new bottle

Stumbling blocks to peace at the 21st Century Panglong Conference.

A conference and conflict in Myanmar

Will Panglong II end decades of ethnic insurgency?

Financial scandals and foreign affairs

1MDB is a Malaysian problem with reach in Australia, writes Amrita Malhi.

A foundation for freedom

Support for Myanmar’s media – vital then, essential now.

How long can the longyi last?

Luke Corbin looks at the lifespan of one of Myanmar's most iconic items.

Heroines, heroes and villains

Part two of Burma and the comics.

Wars and rumors of wars

Burma and the comics part one.

How the press can power Myanmar’s democracy

As Myanmar's media finds it footing after decades of oppression, responsible journalism is crucial.

Martyrs’ Day a wake-up call

A nation unites under the sound of sirens.

Who would voters with no votes vote for?

Extending absentee suffrage for Myanmar’s citizens abroad.

Myanmar’s 2016 batch of babies

What are the prospects for the newest citizens in a new democracy?

Revisiting country risk for Myanmar

Will it be boom or bust for companies investing in a newly democratic Myanmar?

Playing with fire

Burning lands and fragile livelihoods in the hills of Myanmar's southern Chin State.

Tolerance in the time of terror 

From Jihadis to Ma Ba Tha to 'Hansonites', extremism begets extremism.