Explaining the roots of KNU power struggles

The Karen National Union shows how internal conflicts in Myanmar’s insurgencies can complicate the peace process

How Myanmar’s ‘national races’ trumped citizenship

How the idea of 'taingyintha' is used to decide who does and does not belong in Myanmar's political community.

A science circus for Southeast Asia

How a revolutionary approach is addressing major gaps in STEM education.

Via flickr user Christopher Michel, used under Creative Commons licence.

Interpreting communal violence in Myanmar

On the nature of communal violence in Myanmar, and divergent Burmese and international interpretations of its causes.

Conflict in Kachin continues

Can progress prevail in the conflict ridden state?

Responding to Myanmar’s humanitarian crises

Jürg Montani on humanitarian action in Myanmar.

Peace and nation-building in Myanmar

Insights from the 2017 Myanmar Update.

Religion continues to divide Myanmar

James T Davies reports from the 2017 Myanmar Update.

The problem with a one woman show

Myanmar under Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD.

NLD must lead on Rohingya

International community cannot fix the problem.

Diplomatic protection for the stateless Rohingya

The UN’s capability to defend citizens of the world.

The wisdom in the literature

Why we must preserve Myanmar's scholarly and literary heritage.

Rights law the wrong move?

Why some Buddhist women are concerned about a proposed rights laws in Myanmar.

A life journey’s end after “finding” Myanmar

Paying tribute to an Australian surgeon dedicated to Myanmar's disabled.

Suu Kyi’s state of denial

Silence on Rohingya issue is hard to justify. It's also dangerous.

A turning point in the Rohingya crisis

Violent suppression threatens Myanmar's political transition.

ASEAN: same, same not different

Why trade trumps tolerance in the regional bloc.

Does the data reveal declining dictatorship in Myanmar?

Looking at protests to assess the country's political transition.

Ending abuse against women in Myanmar

How can a newly democratic country face up to its problematic patriarchy?

A poem and the politics of high imperialism

Kipling’s Road to Mandalay and what it says about Burmese exotica and the British Empire’s decline.

Segregation and violence in Rakhine State

Witnessing persecution against Myanmar's Muslim minority.

Myanmar’s media and Internet muzzle

The controversial communications clause being used to silence government critics.

Will Myanmar’s march to democracy trip up?

2017 Myanmar Update to examine whether the country can overcome obstacles to reform.

Optimism and despair in Myanmar

Obstacles remain as Aung San Suu Kyi enters second year in power.