Môi Giới Lao Động Nhà Nước Việt Nam Cho Phép Lạm Dụng Người Lao Động Ở Ả-Rập Xê-Út

Nhà nước Việt Nam đã không thực hiện những bước đúng ra đã phải thực hiện từ lâu để giúp người lao động hiểu biết và đòi hỏi quyền lợi của mình.

Vietnam’s labour brokerage state enables worker abuse in Saudi Arabia

The Vietnamese government has failed to take long-overdue steps to help workers know and claim their rights

Agent Orange in Vietnam: lingering pain and injustice

In the absence of legal justice, future reconciliation on this issue will need to focus on reparative justice.

A conversation about Vomit Girl: Mai Nguyen-Long talks to Elly Kent

Studying Vietnamese folkloric practices, the artist has crafted objects that reflect the aesthetics of creative subversion and resistance.

NBSEAS on “The Road to Dien Bien Phu: A History of the First War for Vietnam”

How were the Vietnamese communists able to achieve their remarkable victory over powerful French colonial forces?

Civil society in the Mekong: What can we learn from environmental struggles?

As political space contracts, the role for informal networks or coalitions expands.

Fragrant Frontier: The editors’ account

...a borderland–frontier in a state of flux, where social and environmental trajectories are diverse, dynamic, and consequential...

Rethinking self-censorship in Southeast Asia’s media landscape

By intentionally devising concealment strategies that maintain the core messages...research participants demonstrate their commitment to continue producing critical information while avoiding punishment.

Politics of denial: South Korean war crimes in Vietnam

Civil society groups have driven several efforts to achieve government-level recognition and responsibility during the war, including a People’s Tribunal on War Crimes.

The women entrepreneurs of early modern Vietnam

Their contributions were fundamental to shaping Vietnam’s early modern social, religious, and economic society, but historical scholarship has neglected their experiences for centuries.

NBSEAS: Nu-Anh Tran’s “Disunion: Anticommunist Nationalism & the Making of the RVN”

The RVN was heir to a revolutionary tradition that developed out of the anti-French resistance, that was quite distinct from the communist one to the north.

Hệ thống Kafala và Lao Động Giúp Việc Nhà từ Việt Nam: Tham Nhũng và Nhà Báo Bị Khóa Mồm

Luật sửa đổi thiếu thốn, tham nhũng tràn lan, và nhà báo bị đàn áp ở Việt Nam khiến các chị em giúp việc nhà tiếp tục bị tổn thương bên Ả Rập Xê Út.

The Kafala system and Vietnam’s domestic workers: corruption and a silenced press

Insufficient legal revisions, corruption and press suppression in Vietnam leaves domestic workers vulnerable in Saudi Arabia.

NBSEAS: “The First Vietnam War: Violence, Sovereignty, and the Fracture of the South, 1945-1956”

The book begins with a provocative question: why did the communist-led resistance against French colonial rule in Vietnam fail in the south?

Nô lệ thời nay: Phụ nữ Việt Nam lao động giúp việc nhà ở Ả-rập Xê-út

Cái chết mới đây của một cô gái vị thành niên tên H Xuân Siu, được tuyển dụng làm người giúp việc nhà tại Ả-rập Xê-út đã khiến cả thế giới bàng hoàng.

Modern-day slavery: Vietnamese women domestic workers in Saudi Arabia

Details around the recent death of migrant domestic worker, H Xuân Siu, reveal an exploitative transnational labour export system.

Mapping ride-hailing app driver strikes in Vietnam

These actions by app-based drivers indicate an informal but sophisticated level of workers’ self-organisation.

“Song Lang”: a story of art, love and life in post-war Saigon

Song Lang is a film neither about cải lương nor Saigon. It is a film about the city's people, their connections and how relationships shape their selves and life paths.

Vietnam’s public loudspeaker system: a means of communication to combat COVID-19

While not resource-rich, Vietnam's intelligent communication methods helped maintain zero recorded deaths from the pandemic.

Smallholder crop booms in mainland SEA

Destructive cycles of crop booms carve deep cracks in SEA societies, cultures and landscapes.

Saigon’s hidden presidential palace and forgotten president: the Republic of Cochinchina and Nguyễn Văn Thinh

Reconsidering an oft-overlooked chapter in Vietnam’s decolonisation.

New Mandala’s most read in 2018

Revisit the 20 most popular articles published at New Mandala this year.

Vietnamese Colonial Republican: The Political Vision of Vu Trong Phung

New Books in Southeast Asian Studies talks to Peter Zinoman.