Time for a new approach to Indonesia’s energy subsidies

Removing all energy subsidies would free up much needed cash for Indonesia, write Stephen Howes and Robin Davies.

President Jokowi: ten years too soon?

There's still a lot of the old order in Indonesia's democracy and political parties, writes Stephen Sherlock

A tale of two elections

Sandeep Ray contrasts the very different outcomes from elections in two of the world's largest democracies.

Assessing SBY’s second term

The Yudhoyono years are a mix of good outcomes and bad policy, write Stephen Howes and Robin Davies.

Video: wrap up of Indonesia presidential election

Ross Tapsell looks at the result of Indonesia's presidential election with Ariel Heryanto and Edward Aspinall.

A citizen’s president

Gerry Van Klinken on the limits and possibilities of a Jokowi presidency.

Presidential election a page turner

Why Jokowi's election win matters and what comes next for Indonesia's seventh president.

The local-merit President

Wawan Mas’udi charts Joko Widodo’s meteoric rise from furniture maker to president

Idul Fitri: the view from Yogyakarta

Angie Bexley with a selection of choice shots from Idul Fitri.

House of Cards Part III

Stephen Sherlock examines what the controversial MD3 bill says about Indonesia's upcoming parliament.

Jokowi win good for Australia

Indonesia presidential election result good news for Australia, says expert.

We was robbed

There are good reasons to treat the Prabowo camp's claims of massive voter fraud with caution.

Jokowi vs Prabowo: tight-run race a turning point

Edward Aspinall and Marcus Mietzner discuss what Jokowi's presidential wins means for the future of Indonesia's democracy.

Snapshots of results day

How the New Mandala crew in Jakarta saw yesterday's announcement of official presidential election results.

The Grand Finale

What's happening down at the KPU?

Technology for Transparency

Inaya Rakhmani looks at how innovative online initiatives may have increased transparency in the vote-counting process.

Neutral No More?

Alex Arifianto on why Muhammadiyah youth went all in for a Prabowo presidency.

House of Cards Part 2

Stephen Sherlock looks at the real effects of party fragmentation in the legislature

Campaign finance, strategy and accountability

Justin Snyder compares the official campaign financing reports of Indonesia's two presidential contenders.

House of Cards

Stephen Sherlock in a 3 part series about what's up with the Indonesian legislature.

Trouble in the East?

Edward Aspinall warns that observers need to be careful about potential vote rigging in Papua and West Papua provinces.

Every vote must be counted, every voice must be heard

Rob Allyn, a media consultant to Prabowo in Indonesia's 2014 Presidential election, seeks to set the record straight

Voting Number 1

Roanne Von Voorst explores the mechanics of a Prabowo win on the banks of a Jakarta slum

Stand by your man

Jacqui Baker asks whether, in Indonesia today, the police are politically neutral?