Striving for safety

Charlotte Setijadi finds Indonesia's ethnic Chinese minority united on the need for security, but divided on how to get it.

Jangan tertipu – Prabowo (masih) ingin menghapus pemilihan presiden secara langsung

Prabowo masih bertekad untuk mencari mandat dari rakyat hanya sekali saja.

Indonesian presidential candidate Joko Widodo and his mother pray at his father's tomb. Photo by AFP.

Campaign spirit

The dead have been drafted into worldly matters of the living and Indonesia's presidential race.

Mixed messages

Rianne Subijanto asks, what are the would-be presidents trying to tell us?

Jokowi and Prabowo reflect a decade of frustrations with SBY

The rise of Jokowi and Prabowo can be explained by SBY's inability to get things done and show leadership, writes Jeffrey A Winters.

Indonesians are not idiots

Despite concerns over presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto, Indonesia's democracy will be just fine, writes Elizabeth Pisani.

Don’t be fooled – Prabowo (still) wants to get rid of direct presidential elections

Despite protestations to the contrary, Prabowo is seeking a popular mandate just the once.

Anti-democratic? Prabowo’s response

Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto responds to New Mandala regarding doubts about his commitment to democracy.

Prabowo Subianto: pilihlah aku, tetapi sekali saja

Menurut Edward Aspinall dan Marcus Mietzner, Prabowo berniat merombak sistem demokrasi yang dibangun di era pasca-Soeharto.

A mosque and a message

Dewi Cut reports on how architecture, and a mosque in Aceh, is influencing political candidates and their election messages.

A mysterious outsider in Aceh

A predicted Prabowo landslide victory in Aceh is not going to script, writes Jesse Grayman.

Prabowo Subianto: vote for me, but just the once

Indonesian democracy could die with a whimper and not a bang come 9 July, write Edward Aspinall and Marcus Mietzner.

Prabowo and his anti-Chinese past?

Indonesian guest writer Tonny examines Prabowo Subianto's ideological links to Indonesia's deadly race riots of May 1998.

A young Prabowo Subianto. Photo from Facebook.

Prabowo the chameleon

Danau Tanu asks if the real Prabowo can please stand up.

One Sunday in Jakarta

Videos and photos of Sunday's political events in Jakarta, from New Mandala's Dom Berger and Liam Gammon.

Return to autocracy in Indonesia?

As Prabowo Subianto closes the gap in Indonesia's two-horse presidential race, we examine his prospective presidency

Foreign affairs a stranger to Indonesia’s presidential hopefuls

Indonesia's third presidential debate on foreign affairs reveals a lack of worldly knowledge

Indonesia’s promoter-in-chief

Indonesia's standing on the world stage is likely to decline once President SBY leaves office, writes David Willis.

Demokrasi Indonesia Dalam Bahaya

Menurut Edward Aspinall, Prabowo ialah ancaman terhadap demokrasi.

Hope, migrated

Will the new political strength of Indonesia's migrant worker class translate into better policies?

Two rounds or one?

Simon Butt analyses the likelihood of Indonesia's presidential election going to a second round.

Assortative mating and the election

Ariane Utomo wonders whether love can conquer campaign divides?

A better bureaucracy?

Ross McLeod finds unexpected hope in the presidential candidates' policies on public sector reform.

Returning to the 1945 Constitution: what does it mean?

Why we should be worried that one candidate promises to roll back constitutional reforms.