Rallying to Prabowo’s cause

Indonesia's first May Day holiday in decades was less about labour and more about presidential politics, write Teri Caraway and Michele Ford.

Symbols of success

In Indonesia, there's more to a horse and dagger than would seem, writes Yogi Setya Permana.

Anger Management

On-camera meltdowns can be a good way for Indonesian politicians to project a reformist image and win some free publicity.

The Aceh exception

Indonesia's 2014 election has been lauded as generally free and fair, but not in Aceh.

The 30%

Hana Satriyo asks what's in store for the female winners and losers of the 2014 election?

What women want

In Indonesia, patriarchal media representations restricts coverage of quality female candidates, writes Evi Eliyanah.

Polls apart

Did the Internet predict the Indonesian election results, asks Ross Tapsell.

Wishful thinking in the polling age

Dirk Tomsa wonders if hope triumphed political sense in his reading of Indonesia's 2014 election polls.

How Papua voted

In Papua, pseudo-traditional voting practices are a pretext for blatant violations of electoral integrity.

Photo essay: voting in Jakarta

Some snapshots of typically cheerful voting in Jakarta on the day of Indonesia's 2014 legislative elections.

The simple statistics of Indonesian election polling

Tom Pepinsky on some polling fundamentals, and how they should inform our analysis of Indonesia's legislative elections.

Hope, cynicism and Jokowi in a Jakarta slum

Was PDI-P's poor showing in the legislative elections voter ignorance or a weak party machine? From the slippery banks of the Ciliwung river, Jakarta's slum dwellers have a surprising voting strategy.

VIDEO: Indonesia elections washup

Ross Tapsell speaks to Usman Hamid and Greg Fealy about what happened in the legislative elections, and what comes next.

Why were the polls wrong about Islamic parties?

Tom Power says Indonesia’s Islamic parties remain viable political entities and cannot be written off lightly

Resurgent political Islam, or astute Islamic parties?

Greg Fealy asks whether surprisingly good results for Indonesia's Islamic parties reflect their ideological appeal or strong grassroots campaigns.

Vote buying – commodity or gift?

References to vote buying abound in discussions of politics in Southeast Asia. But is the term a useful one or does it confuse the distribution of gifts with the purchase of votes?

Clean count in South Jakarta

Despite a smallish turnout, democracy is alive and well in a South Jakarta suburb known for the city's largest cemetery, reports Elisabeth Kramer.

Waiting for the Dawn Attack

In the morning hours before the Indonesian legislative election, Ward Berenschot goes on the hunt for parties buying votes.

The 2014 Parliamentary Elections: Preliminary Lessons

Leading analyst Marcus Mietzner takes a close look at the recent elections, all with the benefit of hindsight

Why was the Jokowi effect limited?

Edward Aspinall gives one possible explanation as to the failure of the 'Jokowi Effect'

Over-reading the ‘presidential effect’

Did parties overestimate the effect presidential candidates would have in Indonesia's legislative election?

The Jokowi Effect: No Breakthrough Against Oligarchy

Oligarchy 1, Jokowi, 0. Wimar Witoelar on the Indonesian legislative elections results.

Campaign warriors we salute you

Jacqui Baker takes a look at how the major parties went in today's legislative elections.

Indonesia’s next governing-coalition: taking a progressive turn?

Could Indonesian politics be on the cusp of a progressive turn?