Campaign warriors we salute you

Jacqui Baker takes a look at how the major parties went in today's legislative elections.

Indonesia’s next governing-coalition: taking a progressive turn?

Could Indonesian politics be on the cusp of a progressive turn?

PDI-P struggle for presidential threshold

Tonight represents a disappointing result for Megawati's party, writes Tom Power.

A sight for sore eyes?

We cast our eyes over the best and worst campaign posters from the 2014 legislative elections.

Indonesia’s legislative elections: the story so far

Catch up with the key trends and developments in Indonesia's legislative elections.


Live coverage of Indonesia's legislative election: 187 million voters elect 20,000 candidates from 12 parties.

The toll of the campaign trail

Get the hospital beds ready! By Wednesday evening Indonesia will be awash with bankrupt and depressed ex-candidates.

The Jokowi effect in Bali: PDIP’s quest for dominance

After a 15-year decline, will Jokowi’s nomination re-establish PDIP's dominance in Bali?

Anti-Malaysianism gone wild

Indonesia-Malaysia rivalry is very much like sibling rivalry, with the younger one always demanding attention.

Polling says it’s Jokowi’s election to lose

New polling on Indonesia's 2014 elections is just like previous polling, only more so.

Bemused Spectators and Political Animals at the Tolikara Trough

Against a backdrop of heated district politics, Islamic parties rally in the Papuan highlands.

Bersih2014: A New Political Movement is Born

Sick of oligarchy and money-politics, a coalition of Indonesian NGOs are fighting back

Indonesia’s Political Football

A win is all but out of sight for presidential hopefull Aburizal Bakrie, but can he at least score an equalizer?

Jokowi the party man

Classic Jokowi campaigning was on show on the weekend, but so was the classic PDI-P variety.

The Lion of PKB: Rusdi Kirana

Greg Fealy looks at how one of Indonesia's Islamic parties embraced an ethnic Chinese, non-Muslim, airline director

The Out-of-Towners

You're not from around here, are you? Non-resident legislative candidates are a national phenomenon.

Party cadres on the campaign trail.

Who stands for Papua?

Legislative candidates - No residency, no experience, no problem!

The holes in donut politics

In a political landscape dominated by money-politics, can a box of treats sweeten up Indonesia's voters?

Paranormal politics

Why is witchcraft part of the political toolkit for Indonesian candidates?

Jokowimania: a dispatch from Southeast Sulawesi

Eve Warburton reports that PDI-P hopes Jokowimania will help the party make inroads in far-flung parts of Indonesia.

Hot on the hustings–Indonesia’s ‘caleg cantik’

An increasing number of celebrities standing for parliament is a side-effect of quotas for female representation in politics.

Democracy, a ‘pathway to hell’

Democracy might be 'haram', but Islamist vigilantes are using it to their strategic advantage.

Indonesia Votes: what polling says

Who's winning, and why. Taking a look at some early polling.

Indonesia’s Overseas Vote: Time for Secession?

Indonesia's bizarre system for apportioning the votes of expats leads to some unusual campaign strategies.