Living in and under Jakarta’s streets

Saskia Sch├дfer reviews a feature-length documentary that follows the lives of three Jakarta street buskers

The Lost Leadership of Timor Leste

Xanana Gusm├гo’s ongoing reign continues to undercut a generation of young leaders

What’s God got to do with it?

Antje Missbach and Anne McNevin examine the messaging in Australian-funded anti-people smuggling ads

A tough question for President Jokowi

The real test for Jokowi is ensuring food security for Indonesia's poor, writes John McCarthy.

Jokowi fails his first test

The first cabinet for Indonesia's new, 'reformist' president, Joko Widodo, is striking for how bad some of the appointments are, writes Edward Aspinall.

From Yudhoyono to Jokowi: Can Indonesia keep rising?

Amitav Acharya argues that Indonesia's new leaders have a strong foundation on which to build their foreign policy

The perils of popularity

A Jokowi presidency is a win for Indonesia's democracy. But Indonesia got lucky by having Jokowi in the race, writes Liam Gammon.

Jokowi in the one convenient place

It may be old, but it is still gold! New Mandala gives you everything you need to know about Indonesia's newly inaugurated president, Joko Widodo.

Life under a railway flyover

In this photo-essay, Ray Yen explores an informal settlement in Jakarta during the age of Jokowi

VIDEO: 2014 Indonesia Update Conference

Experts from Indonesia and around the world reflect on the SBY decade.

Why Indonesia banned ISIS

Indonesia’s ban of ISIS was motivated by more than fear of returning fighters, writes Dominic Berger.

Democracy safe. Prosperity uncertain.

Indonesia's democracy may be safe, but the economic good times aren't set to roll on, writes Hamish McDonald.

The reassertion of the state

The scrapping of direct elections for local officials in Indonesia won't have that profound an effect, writes Michael Buehler.

Zubaidah Johar.

Refusing to forget

A new volume of poetry by Zubaidah Johar powerfully recounts the experiences of women in Aceh’s troubled past and uncertain future.

SBY’s mixed legacy

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s 10-year rule leaves Indonesia with mixed fortunes and a controversial legacy, writes Marcus Mietzner.

Good returns for Chinese Indonesians

Things are looking up for Chinese Indonesian political candidates, but it all depends on where and at what level they run, writes Chong Wu Ling.

Jokowi. Image by Iskan Badai.

New president, old politics?

How much of the ‘new’ politics of president-elect Joko Widodo will get through Indonesia’s transfer of power, asks Hamish McDonald.

Constitutional Court confirms Jokowi’s presidential victory

Ray Yen captures some of the colour and drama from the ruling confirming Jokowi's victory.

Great expectations

Maxensius Tri Sambodo goes local and looks at the potential impact of the village fund on Jokowi's presidency.

On the money?

VIDEO: Can a cash-strapped Jokowi deliver on his election promises?

Hopes for a nation

Images from Yogyakarta as Indonesia celebrates Independence Day.

Jokowi’s coming presidency: a cautionary note

Jokowi's personal vision of what ails Indonesia and how it can be cured may be flawed, warns David Henley.

Prabowo’s weak suit

Disputes from the legislative election in April offer hints about how it will deal with the presidential election result

Hard choices: Jokowi’s fiscal reform challenge

Jokowi has to overcome three immediate economic challenges, write Stephen Howes and Robin Davies