Jokowimania: a dispatch from Southeast Sulawesi

Eve Warburton reports that PDI-P hopes Jokowimania will help the party make inroads in far-flung parts of Indonesia.

Hot on the hustings–Indonesia’s ‘caleg cantik’

An increasing number of celebrities standing for parliament is a side-effect of quotas for female representation in politics.

Democracy, a ‘pathway to hell’

Democracy might be 'haram', but Islamist vigilantes are using it to their strategic advantage.

Indonesia Votes: what polling says

Who's winning, and why. Taking a look at some early polling.

Indonesia’s Overseas Vote: Time for Secession?

Indonesia's bizarre system for apportioning the votes of expats leads to some unusual campaign strategies.

The decline of the Demokrats

Conspiracy theories are the courier of political change.

Let the campaign begin

Ross Tapsell lays out what Indonesia's 2014 elections are all about.

Meet Joko Widodo

No, he’s not the Messiah, but a bit of reformist populism was just what Indonesia needed in 2014

Welcome to Indonesia Votes

Telling the story of Indonesia's election year, New Mandala style.

Indonesia: Why you so like that wan?

Elvin Ong asks if Singapore's politicians will grow up in the next 50 years?

Malaysia’s election: An Indonesian comparison

Professor Edward Aspinall asks "how long will elections seem truly consequential for Malaysians if the national government can never be changed by them?"

Emulating the state

Examining the allure of martial symbolism, anthropologist Nicholas Herriman argues for a more entangled view of the state in Southeast Asia.

Forced disappearance in Southeast Asia

Join members of the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific to mark the anniversary of Somchai Neelaphaijit’s disappearance through a discussion of forced disappearance in Southeast Asia.

The big, bad Indonesian bogeyman

What then explains this xenophobia? One short explanation is the fear of losing hegemony, be it politically or religiously.

Naughty numbers: power in Southeast Asia

Numbers have played an important role in Southeast Asia. Numbers have political utility, especially when presented in manner that creates a dichotomous division.