Why we marched for Malaysia

Converging in Canberra for Bersih 4.0.

Berish 4 participants around KL's Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square). Photo: The Malaysian Insider.

Bersih 4.0: a win/win outcome?

Mass rallies over the weekend proved a moderate victory for both sides of Malaysian politics, argues Clive Kessler.

The medium of people power

In the wake of Malaysia's Bersih 4 rally, Ross Tapsell looks at the rise of drone journalism & social media in Southeast Asia.

Photo by Gerhard Hoffstaedter.

Bersih 4.0 takes over Kuala Lumpur

Gerhard Hoffstaedter reports from the middle of Malaysia's march for clean politics.

Peeling back the layers of Pekida

Sophie Lemiere argues the ties between the underworld and politics in Malaysia have never been clearer.

Witch hunts and woe in Malaysia

As the 1MDB scandal rolls on, the rule of law is being steamrolled, writes Manjit Bhatia.

Reading the tea leaves of 1MDB

Meredith Weiss on whether Malaysia can clean up its messy 'money politics'.

Malaysia’s long history of financial scandals

Corruption scandals like 1MDB are no surprise if you look at the history of Malaysian politics, writes Tom Pepinsky.

Solutions for Malaysia’s long-suffering refugees

Why asylum seekers must have formal recognition and the right to work.

Malaysia’s refugee policy leaves lives in limbo

Consistency and coordination key to helping asylum seekers.

Malaysia’s refugee shame

It is time for Malaysia to respect human dignity and treat asylum seekers better.

The Edge Media Group publisher and group CEO Ho Kay Tat says it was a duty to pursue the truth after uncovering documents relating to 1MDB. Photo by Malaysian Insider.

Malaysia is cracking up and cracking down

Media ban for alleged corruption reporting another nail in the coffin for Malaysian politics.

Malaysia’s deadly connection

Turning a blind eye to the links between corruption and human trafficking is costing lives.

Dear Malaysia: Mahathir is no messiah

Manjit Bhatia asks whether the good doctor is really the cure for Malaysia's woes.

In Malaysian politics, keep calm and amok on!

How youth, prejudice and mob violence go hand-in-hand with politics.

The law in Malaysia is an ass

PM Najib, UMNO-BN politicians and their cronies remain above Malaysia’s spineless laws.

Anwar Ibrahim addresses a crowd. Will the opposition move on without his leadership? Photo by Firdau Latif on flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/firdausjongket/

Malaysia’s opposition is not dead: Nik Nazmi

Opposition can seriously challenge in next general elections.

Najib Razak’s gamble

In the face of corruption claims, the Malaysian Prime Minister's survival hinges on economics.

Dodgy deals stain Malaysia’s image

Australian property purchase made with laundered public funds must be investigated.

Malaysia’s 11th Five Year Plan

Prime Minister Najib Razak misses an opportunity with latest economic blueprint.

More bad news for Malaysia’s democracy

Collapse of opposition another blow for Malaysia’s democratic prospects.

Malaysia’s opposition coalition is dead

What's next for Malaysia's opposition movement?

PM Najib remarks on Rohingya

Nicholas Farrelly offers a quick summary of the Malaysian Prime Minister's remarks at #29APR.

Rohingya crisis: nothing from nothing

Friday's summit in Bangkok achieved little. It also shows that states that can’t help others, can’t help themselves.