Is Malaysia’s electoral system ready for GE13

There is much room for improvement in Malaysia's electoral system.

GE13 Malaysia – Damien Kingsbury

The most important issue for the new government to address is how to transition Malaysia from a soft authoritarian state to a liberal democracy,

GE13 Malaysia – Dina Zaman

Our middle class mentality is not helping our country. Everyone is a stakeholder and must act as such.

GE13 Malaysia – Wan Saiful Wan Jan

National unity. The prolonged campaign for GE13 has created an ugly environment and this must be mended immediately.

GE13 Malaysia – Meredith Weiss

I think either coalition will need to make a concerted effort to restore popular trust in government.

GE13 Malaysia – Haji Zainol Abideen

To see my country turn into a developed nation with equal opportunities for all Malaysians especially in education, civil service job opportunities, business and industrial sectors.

GE13 Malaysia – Tom Pepinsky

These economic reforms will require the government to confront entrenched special interests as well as the broader social and political status quo.

GE13 Malaysia – Farish Noor

That reason will prevail and emotionalism (sectarianism, racism, intolerance) will be removed from politics, and from ALL parties.

GE13 Malaysia – Tun Faisal

My hope is for the country to be governed by trustworthy, principled and hard working leaders.

Najib the Delayer

Is Najib Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, pursuing the military strategy of Roman dictator Fabius Maximus, who was known as Fabius the Delayer?