Malaysia election special on NM

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Citizenship-for-votes scandal in Sabah

How the issue of citizenship-for-votes plays out at GE13 remains moot but the certainty that Sabah remains BN’s fixed deposit no longer holds.

GE13 and hopes for a new Malaysia

Malaysia needs a new national conversation, practise new politics, widen the public sphere, put an end to the culture of fear, and let the best prevail.

Goodbye Lenin, hail the Malaysian ‘Caesar’?

If a revolution has to be defended with abusive and undemocratic ways, then we are no different from our oppressors.

New faces: better odds or exit strategy?

Will the fielding of new faces grant BN a new lease on political life? Or will it be regarded as an exit strategy? Only time will tell.

Malaysia GE13 coverage

There is wide coverage on Malaysia's most anticipated general elections.

Reducing Malaysia’s debt burden

What is more worrying than government debt is household debt, and there appears to be no easy answers to this conundrum.

Who can meet the expectations of the majority?

Many Malaysians are willing to move beyond the politics of fear into a brave new world, but will they be looked after?

Greater media freedom, really?

The Malaysian electoral authoritarian regime has hardened in its attitude and actions toward media freedom in various “waves” since reformasi.

GE13 commentary – Timothy Daniels

One hopes that many of the important ideals expressed will be able to take shape under such a secular-Islamic or Islamic-secular state.

Sabahans’ (new) dilemma

The upcoming election will force Sabahans to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Malaysian Indians and democratisation

Putting a human face to the Malaysian Indians who are struggling for their democratic rights.

GE13 Malaysia – Dahlia Martin

I hope we will see more women at the helm. It's long overdue, and a vital part of any development.

GE13 Malaysia – Tricia Yeoh

Barisan Nasional’s greatest strength would be its numbers of years as a coalition government, its ability to govern together with all parties.

GE13 Malaysia – Sonia Randhawa

Unless resilience to climate change is factored into political calculations, standards of living in Malaysia are likely to face increasing pressure in the medium- to long-term.

GE13 Malaysia – Lee Hwok Aun

The most important issue that the new government must address is to make Malaysia more inclusive and dynamic.

Malaysia at (yet another) crossroads

While Malaysia has achieved admirable economic success under its dominant coalition government, this has come at the expense of human rights and the free press. Now, the opposition is offering greater transparency.

GE13 Malaysia – Garry Rodan

The most important issue that the new government must address depends on who forms government and by what margin.

GE13 Malaysia – Patau Rubis

Malaysia must go back to the dreams and aspiration of the Father of Malaysia.

GE13 Malaysia – Ronnie Klassen

Malaysia has been and will always be a multiracial country, and nothing will change that fact.

GE13 Malaysia – Arnold Puyok

The most pertinent issues in Malaysia are the issues of corruption and inefficiency in the administrative system.

GE13 Malaysia – Wolfgang Sachsenröder

I’m afraid that BN won’t change much, and PR may change too much for the taste of BN followers and cronies.

GE13 Malaysia – Joshua Woo

The most important issue that the new government must address is rebuilding public trust in the government.

Ge13 Malaysia – Lim Weng Marc

I hope for a united government that walks the talk and puts its people first.