GE13 Malaysia

GE13 Malaysia – Garry Rodan

The most important issue that the new government must address depends on who forms government and by what margin.

GE13 Malaysia – Patau Rubis

Malaysia must go back to the dreams and aspiration of the Father of Malaysia.

GE13 Malaysia – Ronnie Klassen

Malaysia has been and will always be a multiracial country, and nothing will change that fact.

GE13 Malaysia – Arnold Puyok

The most pertinent issues in Malaysia are the issues of corruption and inefficiency in the administrative system.

GE13 Malaysia – Wolfgang Sachsenröder

I’m afraid that BN won’t change much, and PR may change too much for the taste of BN followers and cronies.

GE13 Malaysia – Joshua Woo

The most important issue that the new government must address is rebuilding public trust in the government.

Ge13 Malaysia – Lim Weng Marc

I hope for a united government that walks the talk and puts its people first.

GE13 Malaysia – Ong Kian Ming

I hope that we can move towards being a normal democracy where one party or coalition can be thrown out of power by the electorate if it does not perform adequately.

GE13 Malaysia – Saifuddin Abdullah

The new government must ensure a parliament that is more consultative and bi-partisan, honouring the “real manifesto” that is coming from the ballot box.

Is Malaysia’s electoral system ready for GE13

There is much room for improvement in Malaysia's electoral system.

GE13 Malaysia – Damien Kingsbury

The most important issue for the new government to address is how to transition Malaysia from a soft authoritarian state to a liberal democracy,

GE13 Malaysia – Dina Zaman

Our middle class mentality is not helping our country. Everyone is a stakeholder and must act as such.

GE13 Malaysia – Wan Saiful Wan Jan

National unity. The prolonged campaign for GE13 has created an ugly environment and this must be mended immediately.

GE13 Malaysia – Meredith Weiss

I think either coalition will need to make a concerted effort to restore popular trust in government.

GE13 Malaysia – Haji Zainol Abideen

To see my country turn into a developed nation with equal opportunities for all Malaysians especially in education, civil service job opportunities, business and industrial sectors.

GE13 Malaysia – Tom Pepinsky

These economic reforms will require the government to confront entrenched special interests as well as the broader social and political status quo.

GE13 Malaysia – Farish Noor

That reason will prevail and emotionalism (sectarianism, racism, intolerance) will be removed from politics, and from ALL parties.

GE13 Malaysia – Tun Faisal

My hope is for the country to be governed by trustworthy, principled and hard working leaders.